FR I Series Universal

Standalone In-System Programmers


FlashRunner I series is a range of highperformance, standalone In-System Programmers specific for Flash-based microcontrollers and serial memories. FlashRunner I series is targeted at production environments and can work either in full standalone mode or controlled by a host system. All of the models of the FlashRunner I series have been designed for maximum performance and reliability.


FR01ENG Programming engine (piggyback, RS-232)
Designed to work inside the Test-Fixture.
FR01AT0 ATE-oriented programming engine (RS-232/LAN)
Designed to work inside the ATE machine or in an any In Circuit Tester. Its simple and versatile interface system allows FlashRunner to be easily and seamlessly integrated into Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) systems. FlashRunner is compatible with Agilent, Teradyne, SPEA, Genrad, and other systems and test fixtures. FlashRunner works either in standalone mode or driven by a host system, through Ethernet or RS-232 connections.
FR01M01 8-site programming engine (piggyback, RS-232/LAN)
Designed to work inside the Test-Fixture for multiple programming applications. Single panel with multiple boards or single board with multiple devices. Test-Fixture Oriented
FR01LAN Programming engine (RS-232/LAN)
Designed to work inside and outside the Test- Fixture or in Automated Programming Stations. Thanks to its LAN connectivity, FlashRunner can be set up, controlled and monitored miles away from the production floor. This feature has proved to be extremely useful for companies outsourcing the electronic board manufacturing offshore, since it improves production quality allowing instantaneous exchange and control of files being used by the production personnel.
FR01PRO Rackmount/Desktop programmer (RS-232/LAN)
Designed to work in laboratory or in Programming Stations. Thanks to its chassis is easy to mount it in a rack..