A Revolutionary, Universal, Production In-System Programmer

FlashRunner Programmer Solutions
FlashRunner is a revolutionary, universal, production In-System Programmer.
FlashRunner is the outcome of many years of experience in developing programming and debugging solutions for the most popular microcontrollers. FlashRunner has been carefully designed to be:

The Advantage of In-System Programming
The programming of devices In-Circuit or In-System (ISP) eliminates limitations associated with traditional programmable devices (On-Socket or Pre-Programmed). ISP delivers benefits to In-Board and System Level design, manufacturing and programming processes.

Programming engine
(piggyback, RS-232)
Programming engine
ATE-oriented programming
engine (RS-232/LAN)
8-site programming engine
(piggyback, RS-232/LAN)
Rackmount/Desktop programmer
FR II Series
Specific to single
Silicon Producer
FR III Series
Suitable for low cos
t solutions "No frills"
FR Quattro Series
High integration In-System
gang programmer.
Multi PCB panel assemblies
In-System programming
board for Agilent 3070
Medalist Utility Card